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Carol Weinberg’s career as a Collage artist has followed her passion. As a young student, she discovered inspiration and discipline at The High School of Art and Design. At Parsons School of Design, she honed her skills while at the same time continually experimenting with new mediums and techniques, gradually finding her own expressive voice in her paintings and photography.

For many years photography was Carol’s primary artistic outlet culminating in a successful career as a Fashion, Music, and Celebrity photographer. Her assignments often took her to different parts of the world and as a result she has built a vast archive of original images which she now draws from in creating her most recent artworks.

Her Collages combine beauty, chaos, and tension through the layering and blending of the photographic image and the texture of the paint. Always playing with and against each other the photos and the paint combine to create a dreamlike version of reality. The process of tearing, cutting, and gluing the black and white or color images onto the painted surface, adding, subtracting, and the deliberate placement of each element combine to create the whole and the story begins to reveal itself.

Her Photo images are created on the computer layering the photos then adding filters to give a new look to the images.

Each piece is designed to invoke intimate engagement with the viewer and to provoke the question, “Where do I see myself in this story”

Carol Weinberg lives and works in NYC

2010 - present
2010 - present
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